What should I wear?
Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and good. This will help you be relaxed and natural on camera. Choose colors that are complimentary to your complexion but avoid pieces with a lot of distracting patterns.
If you're getting headshots for work, wear something that is work appropriate, but there's no need to wear a suit if that isn't your professional style. Think about the people that will be viewing your images. What would you wear to meet them for the first time?
You're welcome to bring several different tops so you have some variety to choose from.  

How should I do my make up?
Stick to your normal look, but do it a little darker so it shows up nicely on camera.
You also have the option of booking one of our partner make up artists for a natural hair + make up touch up before your shoot.

Can I get professional hair + make up for my shoot?
YEP! You can add on a quick hair + make up touch up by a professional make up artist for $55-$105. 

How long does a headshot session take?
We plan on about 45 minutes total for the appointment. If you're adding on hair + make up, plan for about 1 hour.

Do you do dating profile pictures?
Yes! This headshot package works well for all kinds of profile pictures. We love helping you put your best self out there! 

But I can't pick just two images! Can I buy more than the images included with the package?
Of course! You can buy additional images at $75 each.

Do you photograph events?
We do! We've shot movie premieres and business's 40th anniversaries. Contact us and let us know what you have in mind.

Do you do family photography?
Yep! Rosemary has been helping families preserve precious moments for over 10 years. For more information, check out DaiRoss.com

I need more than profile pictures!
No problem! Our studio works with individuals and businesses to help them build cohesive imagery for all kinds of different projects. Website redesigns, social media content, online & print advertising- you name it! Contact us and tell us about your project.