image branding for professional profiles (headshots) 

and social platform/website branding

Start with a POST headshot: designed to give you a quick stylized headshot to extend across all your professional platforms.

Or Start with an image branding consult. An image branding consult focuses on dialing in the look that is right for you and your target audience. 


The image branding consult includes:



Platforms- A walk through your social media platforms including your website if applicable. Here we determine the images needed to effectively build a consistent brand.

Your Work- Here we walk through your business to get to the heart of the project.

Your Audience- Here we start thinking about your target audience and what imagery will get you best connected with them.

A creative direction- Bring a notebook, we will give you next steps to start developing your vision

After this session you will be better equipped to begin building your image brand.

30 minutes is great for web content and headshots.  For those seeking a bigger jump into building brands across platforms we suggest starting with a 90 minute session.

30 minute session: $75

90 minute sessions: $189

Our consult session can be combined with our image branding photoshoots or you can explore working with other photographers or use your own talents to tackle implement your new vision.