Matt G.

Rosemary is a fantastic artist! She worked extensively with me to get exactly what I wanted and more. Her insights into what works, and her beautiful vision are are exceptional. I loved the results!

Alexander S.

Being the subject of photographs can be a little daunting. Am I making the right face? Do I need to hold still? How silly am I going to look? But working with Rosemary was immediately comfortable. She had a way of making an awkward situation totally approachable and actually really fun. All I had to do was show up to her (beautiful!) studio with a couple outfits and she led me through the rest of the process in a brief yet thorough photo shoot. Very shortly thereafter (the next day?) I had several beautiful, polished images of myself looking better than I could even imagine. Rosemary seriously made me a supermodel. I would highly recommend rosemary and Post for anyone seeking images that will make you look amazing and also reflect your personality.

Robert P.

Rose made me feel comfortable and confident. She listened to my goals and eased my worries during the shoot and delivered a fantastic result. It's unbelievable how much these photos elevated my professional profile. When I compare them to selfies I've taken on my own, I realize now that there truly is no comparison; my best selfies suddenly look ridiculous next to these. It's not easy to make me look good but somehow she did in a natural way. In these photos I look confident, attractive, approachable and professional. I'm thrilled and highly recommend this studio and Rose in particular to anyone looking to represent themselves in the best light possible.